Why choose us?

We’ve asked our customers what was different for them about working with Trafford Builders? The same answer came back: communication and trust.

Communication and trust

For Trafford Builders communication and trust are the secrets behind all successful building projects. This might sound a bit woolly. But it’s not. Because trust and communication are what will keep your project on track even if something unforeseen crops up. Trust and communication will buy everyone goodwill, flexibility and peace of mind.

Of course we could talk to you about our clear processes and contract documentation. But great results come from great working relationships. That’s why we contact our customers with regular updates and ask them for feedback  – before, during and at the end of the building work.

  • Communication is why we’re upfront in giving you ballpark costings first before you invest time in meeting us. And it’s why we’ll prepare you for the realistic level of noise, and mess involved, so the whole family – including pets – are ready for what’s coming.
  • Communication is about our tradesmen negotiating with each other to get the work done in a logical order and in a limited space and timeframe.
  • And communication is about you being candid if you’ve changed your mind about what you want as the job progresses. Nothing is set in stone and we can always improvise a creative solution if we know there is a problem.
  • Trust is why we allow the sales process to unfold gradually – rather than trying to force our services down your throat. We’re confident that when the time is right you will go ahead with your project.
  • Trust is why we won’t skimp on materials just so we can undercut our competitors. It’s why we always install Velux roof windows, for instance, and the best cavity wall insulation that will save you money for years to come.
  • And Trust is why we pay our sub-contractors properly and send them on regular training updates.

7 more reasons to choose Trafford Builders

  1. Fully Insured – public liability cover up to £2 million
  2. Qualified to CSCS NVQ Level 3 – (Gold Card) site supervisor level
  3. Responsible – please read our about page
  4. Punctual – we even work Saturdays
  5. Friendly – we’re always polite
  6. Quality for price – 4.9 out of 5 see reviews
  7. Modern – we track our jobs

For a ballpark quote or if you have another question for us, call  0161 282 3101