How we work

Here’s the process we follow for all our construction projects – giving you, the customer, full control over payments and the how the work develops. We’ve found that communicating up front like this saves you time and money in the long run. And we do like working to a clear brief.

Step 1: You contact us for a ballpark quote

We will ask you a few questions to assess the scope of the job. For some jobs, such as home extensions, ballpark quotes are straight forward to calculate – we can refer to industry standard rates. Obviously the actual cost depends on the specifics of the space and what you want to achieve. If the ball park quote falls roughly within your budget, then we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Site visit to gather facts for a full quote

We’ll do an introductory site visit and discuss your needs in full to tease out the detailed brief.  During this conversation we will brief you on any preparations you will need to make before work starts. We will also give you a realistic assessment of the upheaval involved. We’ll even give you tips on choosing a builder, and checking their credentials, because at this stage you haven’t yet committed to using us.

Step 3: We produce a fully itemised quote

Trafford Builders will send you the detailed quote for your consideration, our terms of business, and our credentials including insurance documents for you to consider.

Step 4: We send you a contract to sign

Our contract will lay out the terms of work and schedule for staged payments.

Step 5: You sign the contract and pay the deposit

Once you have sent over the first payment, we will book the job in our diary, allocate staff to it, and order the first batch of materials.

Good news – we are ready to begin the project.